A Night on the Town Madrid, Spain

Shelley and I arrived in Madrid Spain.  We had decided to stay closer to the airport, as our flight was one of the earlier ones for the next morning.  Once we had settled into the room with our all of our bags, we went down to the front to inquire as to the easiest way to get around town.  The front desk was extremely helpful and provide good directions on where the near metro station was.  They also provided us with information about which stops to look for in order to get to the central business district. Information in hand, Shelley and I headed into the city.

 Royal Palace of Madrid

The Royal Palace of Madrid is listed as the office home of the Spanish Royal Family, but is currently only used for official State functions.  The existing Palace was constructed in 1760 on the site of the previous Alcázar which had burned on Christmas Eve of 1734.  This earlier structure was begin 860 to 880 and added on to over the years up until the 1700’s.

The current Palace has been renovated from time-to-time in order to match the current en vogue styles of Europe.

 Royal Palace of Madrid Spain

Royal Palace of Madrid Spain

Almudena Cathedral

Construction of the Almudena Cathedral seems to have began in 1950 and was finally completed in 1993.  The Cathedral was constructed to match that of the surrounding architecture.  According to some sources it may have been constructed on the site of a medieval mosque that was destroyed in 1083.

Catedral de la Almudena - Madrid Spain

The Gate of Toledo

Construction on The Gate of Toledo, Puerta de Toledo, began in 1812, and was not completed until 1827. In 1996 it was designated a Spanish Property of Cultural Interest.

Puerta de Toledo - Madrid Spain

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