Into the West 2012 - Part 13

Day Fifteen

Shelley and I awoke in Gillette, Wyoming on day fifteen of the trip hoping to spend time at both Devils Tower National Monument and Badlands National Park.  Shelley had previously been to Devils Tower National Monument, whereas I had not.  We both have spent time in Badlands National Park on previous trips out west.  This would be our last day of sightseeing for this trip, prior to stopping to see family in Iowa before heading home to Kansas City.

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Into the West 2012 - Part 12

Day Fourteen

Day fourteen began in Great Falls, Montana with Shelley and I hoping to make it down near Devils Tower National Monument for the evening.  Little did we know that almost every road between Great Falls and Billings, Montana was being totally rebuilt.  Had we known-the Interstate from Greats Falls to Butte to Billings would have been a lot faster.

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Into the West 2012 - Part 6

Day Eight

Day eight began in Bozeman, Montana at our friends’ home.  The plan was to travel together up to West Glacier, Montana where the four of us would rent a cabin for three nights and two days.  This being the eighth day on Shelley and I’s journey into the west, we were in need of provisions.  One of the provisions was a battery charger for a point-and-shoot camera that we carry for logging the GPS locations along the way.  This necessitated a trip to the local photography store in downtown Bozeman.  F11 Photographic Supply is definitely a place that could consume a great deal of money, if you do not have will power, then again what photography store wouldn’t the same effect. 

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Into the West 2012 - Part 3

Day Five

We started day five in Idaho at a lovely cabin perched on a mountainside over-looking a valley.  Day five was the first full day that would be devoted to Yellowstone National Park. Little did we know that when we started out we would actually see more than we had planned.  This was one of the few places on the trip that we kept moving and photographing from sunup to sundown.  That's not to say that we didn't photograph a lot of things during the rest of the trip.

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Into the West 2012 - Part 2

Day Four

Day four started out in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with a Chevy Tahoe that no longer had a spare tire.  This being just four days into our journey, we knew that going forward without a spare could prove to be a problem.  The tire change on the wild horse loop had already cut into the trip and caused us to lose an afternoon in Grand Teton National Park....

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Into the West 2012 - Part 1

In late August and early September, Shelley and I set out on a Great American road trip.  We left our home base in Parkville, Missouri and headed west. The plan was a scouting trip for future trips.  We stayed with friends along the way and also made some new ones.  Photography trips are more about the journey for me then the final destination.  Shelley and I could not narrow down what places we wanted to see on the trip.  In fact, the list of National Parks and attractions seems to have grown far beyond what we both thought that we could see in the limited two-week time period....

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