9/11 Remembered 2018


On this day in 2001 the United States of America was attacked in a cowardly action by a few extremists.  Our world was changed on that day.  Almost 3,000 civilians were killed, over 6,000 were injured.  More have died since the attacks as a result of cancer and respiratory diseases that were directly caused by the events of that day.  Today is a day of remembrance and sadness.  We as a nation lost so much on that day. While I am based out of the Kansas City metro area we were affected by the events of that day back in 2001.  Our communities in the midwest suffered as well on that day.  Some have constructed memorials to honor those who perished and those who gave their lives in the act of trying to save others.  In Overland Park, Kansas there is one such memorial.  The memorial includes information from the 9/11 Commission’s report, a 14-foot 2.5 ton steel beam from ground-zero, and four granite tiles that were pulled from the remains of the World Trade Center. For some, a memorial like the one that is found  in Overland Park, Kansas may be as close as they may ever get to visiting one of the locations of that dark day.  Please make time for a moment of silence today, thank those who serve or who have served either in the military or as a first responder.


For more information about the Overland Park, Kansas 9/11 Memorial please visit their link below: