Chasing the Eagles (Not the Band)

Today was a beautiful day in the Kansas City area, so much so that Shelley and I decided to check out a couple of our favorite winter bird watching spots in the hopes of spotting Bald Eagles. So we loaded up the car and were heading out to an area lake.  No sooner than we had backed out of the garage we saw our first Eagle of the day. 

When one of the first shots of the day is this good your level of expectation is heightened.  This beautiful mature bird was not more than 25 yards away from our front door.  Over the past few years I have been trying to get this close, in order to get a shot like this.  After spending a good deal of time photographing our neighbor we headed out to the lake.

Once at the lake we encountered a few read-headed woodpeckers.  Below are some of my other favorites from the day.  It's always great to have a near 60 degree day in January in Kansas City, but it's even better when there is wildlife around to photograph.