The New

After using for the past few years, we were forced to make a decision as to the future direction of  While we still believe that is a good web site hosting provider for professional photographers, it no longer fits with our workflow.  Here are few of the reasons why:

  1. Craig Niesen Photography does not have the online sales volume that is needed to offset the resent increases that SmugMug has introduced.
  2. Craig Niesen Photography has shifted to using a professional photography lab that is located in the Midwest.  This change will allow us to ship finished products to clients faster than using a lab on either coast.
  3. Craig Niesen Photography feels that by working closely with our customers we can provide services that meet their specific needs. Instead of handing customers a link to an online ordering site we welcome the opportunity to engage with customers.  That being said, we will be offering the ability to utilize an online ordering system that will tie in with our development lab.
  4. We have been thinking about new ways in which to market and communicate with customers, one of which being this blog.  While we could have done this through SmugMug, the custom integration work to accomplish the task would have either cost us time or additional money or both,  both of which are needed elsewhere. The time would be better spent with customers producing photographs that will last a life-time.  The money- well lets face it, times have changed and everyone is looking for ways to do more with less.

Going forward, will offer more information about services, event, and past travels.  The blog adds to the overall experience of viewers and costumers.  We feel that we have more to offer and share.  Shelley and I are looking forward to sharing our experiences and images of the world.  Please feel free to contact us about any of the images that we share through the website.